CBD Oil for Cats: What You Need to Know

Are you a cat parent and considered using CBD oil to protect the feline’s health? CBD oil is one of the natural remedies for humans but is also a practical option for your furry friend. 

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound from the cannabis plant that is non-psychoactive and shows therapeutic properties for all types of health conditions. This oil gained enormous attention for treating potential health concerns in cats. It has become popular with daily wellness routines besides exercise and playing. CBD soothes the frisky feline and relaxes the cat’s behavior by curing ailments. 

If you are a cat owner and care about your cat’s health, opt for CBD oil without hesitation. However, learning the potential risks, benefits, and safety concerns of binding CBD oil and cats is crucial. This blog covers all you need about CBD oil for cats.

What Is CBD Oil?

Cannabis plants consist of more than 100 compounds. However, the one used for medicinal purposes is cannabidiol or CBD. It differs from all other active compounds found in cannabis plants. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol does not have psychoactive effects, so it does not make anyone high. Therefore, CBD oils are highly concentrated with CBD and are famous for therapeutic purposes. 

Though classical medical studies did not show the effects of CBD oil on cats, holistic veterinarians are now using it to cure ailments like inflammation or pain. It comforts the pet’s quality of life besides curing ailments. This oil treatment is advisable by a veterinarian and should not be given without consultation. 

Safety of CBD oil for cats

CBD oil is entirely safe for all cats if THC levels are non-existent. Cat products often contain CBD oils and treats from different flavors and foods. Cat owners use this product to boost their healthy life and naturally relieve all ailments. It does not come from chemical products and is an effective solution to control anxiety without side effects. 

CBD oils are widely popular cat supplements in the market to treat epilepsy, pain related to joint and organ inflammation, chronic anxiety, arthritis, and more. It uplifts their mood by activating serotonin receptors in the brain. It makes them happier by controlling depression. If your furry friend suffers from anxiety or depression, then CBD oil is the perfect solution to get relief. 

However, no matter how well CBD oil reduces anxiety, relieves pain, and promotes overall well-being, it is only part of the wellness routine. Cats should continue to exercise and maintain their regular diet as timely as possible. 

Benefits of CBD oil for cats

CBD oil benefits all types of cats regardless of breed or coat color. Consult with the vet first if your cat has a decreased appetite or getting severe anxiety attacks. Aside from the symptoms like joint inflammation, significant benefits are the following-

  • Cures chronic pain and infections
  • Controls depression and anxiety
  • Soft and shiny coat
  • Reduce sweating and discomfort
  • Boosts overall health

While CBD oil for cats has significant benefits, there can also be adverse effects. Cats can suffer from gastrointestinal upset with high doses of CBD oil. It develops drowsiness or upset tummies and fades away by lowering the dosage. 

Usage and direction of CBD oil for cats

Being friendly with the CBD oil before rushing it to the cat is better. Introduce them to the oil slowly without giving larger dosages, as it might hurt the cat unknowingly. Give the oil in smaller quantities in their diet to adjust them without side effects.

Take guidance from a veterinarian on the proper dosages, as it depends on the cat type and its diet routine. Always read the product instructions before mixing them into the food. However, if cat owners want to alleviate chronic conditions, then below is dosage guidance

  • Give CBD oil 0.5mg/kg twice daily for Asthma, arthritis 
  • Increase the quantity from 0.1mg/kg twice daily to 0.5mg/kg twice a day 
  • 0.2mg/kg twice daily for treating inflammatory bowel diseases
  • 5 mg/kg twice daily for respiratory problems

However, informing the vet about the dosages before giving it to the cat is advisable. 

How does CBD Oil work?

CBD oils in hemp interact with the endocannabinoid system, which acts as the regulator of bodily functions. It works with the central and peripheral nervous system to reduce pain, inflammation, appetite, or the immune system. ECS contains special receptors and chemicals produced by the body itself. 

Buying guide of CBD oil for cats

  • Quality

Please search for organic CBD oils extracted from carbon dioxide because it is free from harmful substances like pesticides. Ensure the oil does not contain THC and comes from pure CBD isolate. THC is harmful to cats, and you should stay away from them. 

  • Potential

CBD oil grows in strength with time, and your furry friend will receive more CBD oil in every dosage. Generally, there are broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, or CBD isolate oils, and you need to identify the correct type in which the vet’s recommendation falls. All the products have an ingredients chart on the box, and you can verify the potency for feline usage. 

  • Lab testing

CBD oil from various lab testing procedures should be safe and of the highest quality without health risks. Always buy oils that have passed third-party laboratory tests to verify their purity. Check the third-party lab testing results to be sure of the CBD oils and their consumption. Pet owners can see the firm name producing trustworthy products for future use. Additionally, it is essential to review the lab results on the website and information to ensure accuracy. 

  • Price

It is crucial to know that you are spending money on worthy products. Sometimes, CBD oils are more expensive than dietary supplements for pets. However, be sure that it is affordable and beneficial for the furry friend. 

  • Dosages

The quantity of CBD oils depends on body mass and diseases. It is recommended to begin with modest dosages and increase gradually after observing its effects. Generally, it is 1 mg of CBD oil for every 10 pounds of cat weight. Read the chart on the manufacturer’s website to determine the dosage requirement. You can squeeze some oil in their mouth directly or mix it with their favorite meal. Within 30 minutes, the therapeutic effects begin to show up. 

Are CBD oils legal?

No matter how well CBD oils are famous for feline, there remains an issue with their legal license. If cannabis products contain less than 0.3 percent THC, it is a hemp product without restrictions. CBD oil comes under this criteria, but sometimes it is illegal for veterinarians to discuss or suggest this cannabis product to their patients. 

It depends on your place and the legal liberty of vets in that region. Discussing different medications and supplements with the vet is always helpful before giving them to the cats. 

Wrapping up

Therefore, CBD has proven to be a good product for humans and animals. If you want CBD oil, this blog has guided you on the correct path. It positively affects their health, and you can preserve their life for a long time with the proper dosages. The oil helps in fighting all ailments giving the feline a healthy life. Even when the cat is under medication, CBD oil boosts their condition. Buy this magic elixir today and live happily with your furry friend. ROLL’D Cannabis Co. is a fully licensed Cannabis retail store with a massive curated selection of top-quality cannabis products. Our knowledgeable team guides every customer through a wide selection of products. Whether the customer is new or a connoisseur, there is no room for disappointment with the selection.