5 Easy Vape Tricks Guide for All Levels of 2023

Vaping is becoming popular as many seek a better alternative to smoking. Besides, it’s less harmful than smoking because it doesn’t require tobacco. The vapor contains nicotine that serves as an effective alternative to the tobacco products.

Here is a list of easy vape tricks you can try with some advanced tricks requiring more time and practice. But it gets easier when you start practicing.

When looking to vape, there are some other factors you need to consider. Let’s explore the factors to consider before buying a vape.

Buying Guides for Vape


Battery Life (portability)

Knowing the battery life before taking your vape is essential. It should be small enough to keep inside a pocket or lightweight bag. Some of the vape models have in-built batteries without the need for an external charger. 

Temperature Control

Controlling the temperature of vapes allows users to adjust to specific heat levels and meet the desired temperature. Sometimes it differs from the manufacturer’s set limit to cater to users’ needs. 

Power Source

Most vapes operate on batteries. But you can also opt for cable USB points. You can recharge the vape with compatible chargers where USB cables need a different cable. 

Besides the buying guide for vapes, you must also look for the e-liquid buying guides discussed in detail below.

E-liquid Buying Guide

There were few choices for repurchasing vaping liquids in 2008. But times have changed, and people now have various vaping liquid options for them.

However, users should consider some things before buying e-liquids for the first time. Let’s learn the factors behind choosing the best vaping liquid. 

Strong Throat Hit

Cigarettes are harsh on the back of the throat, and smokers are used to the feeling. That’s why you must replace intense emotion with propylene glycol. Look for the VG PG ratio in equal ranges to provide enough strong throat hits for smokers. 

Liquid Flavor

The first thing to consider while buying vape is the e-liquid flavor apart from the nicotine strength, PG VG ratio, etc. Moreover, e-liquids have flavors like fruity, cocktails, or tobacco blends. 

Beginners can also use some good tricks to enhance the vaping experience. Let’s look at them in detail below.

Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes give you the levity to use the vape technology and not worry about maintenance. There is no e-juice to continually refill. There is no need to clean or maintain the hardware components.

Beginners Vape Tricks

Vape tricks help highlight the beginners’ talents to impress close friends. If you are a beginner, you may have encountered some cool vape tricks from social media or music videos where some techniques require practice to enhance the vaping experience. Here are some vaping tricks for beginners-

1- The Dragon

This is an easy trick for beginners and requires less coordination and practice. The idea of a dragon depicts exhaling the smoke from vaporizers. Practicing in front of the mirror is advisable to get the desired effect. Some novice vape users think the dragon is a complex trick, but it is not. You can achieve the dragon smoke in the following steps-

  • Inhale the smoke in a vape
  • Breathe the smoke from the side and end of the mouth consistently
  • Put some pressure to let the smoke out

2- Ghost Hit

Beginners try these easiest vape tricks in their first vaping experience. When the smoke comes out, it forms the shape of a thick ball and goes inside the mouth, creating a ghost effect. It is the only way when new vapers vape without coughing. You can practice the ghost hit in the following methods-

  • Inhale the vapor but do not let it reach the lungs
  • Push the smoke out with some pressure
  • Quickly suck the vapor back into your mouth

Vaping is a little complex for beginners. But it’s simpler for intermediate vapers who can experiment with tough tricks to impress others. So, let’s discuss it below.

3- Tornado

After mastering the novice vape tricks, beginners can experiment with challenging intermediate levels. It is one of the intermediate vape tricks that need consistent learning. Users need a flat smooth surface and one hand to channel the smoke. You can create fantastic effects when enough smoke accumulates through the cardboard tube. 

Quickly take your hand and kick the middle of the smoke. After removing the hand, there will be movements and air pressure. It forms a tornado smoke across the surface. Follow the below steps for this trick-

  • Inhale the vapor
  • Bend a little to keep your mouth close to a smooth cardboard surface
  • Slowly breathe out the smoke on the surface, forming a dense cloud
  • Put your hand in the middle of the smoke for the tornado effect

4- Blow big Os

Users exhale the vapor in an ‘O’ shape in this vaping trick. Aspiring vapers need help to achieve the effect. After learning the method, you will enjoy blowing Os in different sizes. Follow the steps given below.

  • Inhale and let the smoke stay inside the mouth
  • Place the tongue on the lower side of your mouth
  • Curve your lips to form an O shape and push the smoke inwards
  • Exhale the smoke in a manner as you cough slowly

5- Bane Inhale

It is one of the advanced vape tricks inspired by Batman villain Bane. Only experienced vapers can learn this technique. It needs a lot of practice, and you can use these steps to learn the trick-

  • Inhale the vapor and let it stay inside your mouth
  • Perform the French inhale trick
  • Allow the vapor from your mouth to go out and inhale from the nose
  • Place your teeth in the middle so that smoke comes out in different strands

Wrapping Up!

Learning vape tricks are a great way to spend leisure time with friends or alone. Some vape tricks take a considerable amount of time to master the techniques, and you become professional. However, if you intend to impress friends and family, e-cig tricks are worth practicing. 
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